Who Taught You?

Ben Pobjie
1 min readMar 12, 2021

I must admit I was surprised when you stepped into the ring

In all this time I never guessed that fisticuffs would’ve been your thing

But your first knocked all the wind out of me

And your second laid me flat

And from the canvas all I could manage to wheeze was

Who taught you to punch like that?

I’d sparred with you a little before, I thought I knew your moves

I thought that you and I agreed on what a punch is and what it proves

But when you rearranged my face

And put me on the mat

I looked up at you through two black eyes and cried

Who taught you to punch like that?

Now that you’ve got your undisputed crown

I’d be almost disappointed if you didn’t kick me while I was down

I was stupid not to know what you’d be bringing

I never saw it coming till the bell rang and you came out swinging

You’ve broken fifty-seven bones

There’s blood covering the mat

And I’ll applaud you as I quietly ask

Who taught you to punch like that?