Please, Please

Ben Pobjie
2 min readJul 1, 2021


If you love them, tell you love them. If you treasure them, tell them you treasure them. If there’s a conversation you want to have, a dinner you want to share, a moment you want to capture…do it. Do it now. Make haste.

Because life is so short, and so cruel, and we are so fragile.

You need to give all the hugs and all the kisses and all the compliments and all the tributes and all the gifts you’ve been saving up, as soon as you can. Because even that might not be soon enough.

You need to read books and to write books, to listen to music and to sing, to go to the movies and to the theatre and to the park and to the circus and to everywhere you’ve been wanting to go. If you can do something, and you want to do something, you have to do it. You can’t wait.

Please don’t wait. Please don’t hate. Please don’t waste the time that’s so quickly slipping away with anger and resentment and vengeful rage. Don’t darken your world by letting hatred linger.

Because life is so short, and any second you might be thinking that it was so much shorter than you expected it to be.

Live with your only priority being love: to love others and make them know they’re loved; to love yourself and make yourself feel worthy of love; to love life and do it justice; to love the world and let as much of it as you can seep into your bones while you have the chance.

Chase joy, and laughter, and excitement, and memories you’ll always want to return to. Please, please, look around you and see what happiness there is, and see where you can make more happiness come into being. Please help, and care, and leave everywhere you go a sweeter spot for your passing over it.

Because life is so short, and so cruel, and we are so fragile.

And I love you all so much.

Ben Pobjie

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