Ben Pobjie
1 min readApr 17, 2021


I could be Don Camillo

With arms of steel

And a heart of gold

And a temper like boiling oil cascading from the battlements of my righteousness burning so hot that the Lord Himself shakes His head and laments my tempestuous moods

What a wonderful thing to be

What a shame I just have to be me

I could be Duffy Moon

With spirit indefatigable

And eyes of grey wisdom

And a mind that travels far away to lands that others can never know where fear is just a rumour and hope is a force of nature driving the good to plunge where others quail

What a marvellous thing to be

What a shame I just have to be me

I could be the Little Captain

With an oversized hat

On a head full of horizons

And a sturdy boat to take me round the world to all the places I’ve imagined and several more besides where I could be a hero and the adventure and the romance would be almost too much to bear

Wouldn’t that be

A wonderful thing to be

It’s just such a pity

Such a shame

I have to be me



Ben Pobjie

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